About Us

About Us

ASON Logistics is a global logistics platform focused on trust and neutrality in shipping. Our platform connects shippers to qualified and vetted carriers worldwide through our integrated technology and dashboard.

All shippers have visibility across our ever-growing network of licensed carriers listed in one centralized platform. By showcasing each carrier's history and allowing for instant price comparison, our platform promotes transparency and empowers shippers to make the right booking decisions based on their unique needs.

Data and communications between shippers and carriers on our platform is kept confidential and secure through industry standard encryption. We protect sensitive business details and uphold integrity through built in checks that prevent tampering or falsified information.

As an American based company without ties to any specific carrier, ASON acts as an independent intermediary that can be trusted to keep the best interest of all parties in mind. We verify credentials, enforce fair policies, and ensure timely payments without bias.

Our goal at ASON Logistics is to create and nurture an ethical global network founded on open communication, reliability, and honesty in each transaction. Join us to access to tools you need to ship with confidence anytime, anywhere.

Our Missions

We provide transparent
solutions for the global
logistics supply chain.



ASON Logistics establishes an open environment for shippers and carriers to operate based on transparency, accountability, and proven capability.



ASON Logistics makes unbiased recommendations that serve the mutual interests of all participants fairly, without affiliation to any service provider